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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When is the wedding?

    April 15th 2023 ~4:30PM
  2. Where is the wedding?

    JC Raulston Arboretum. This is a public space where many plants and gardens are on display. The ceremony will take place in one of the gardens and the reception will be a hybrid of indoors and outdoors within the education center and the adjoining patio.
  3. How far is the reception from the ceremony?

    About 100 paces down the walkway, past the coy pond and waterfall to the right. (no driving needed, unless you bring a golf cart.)
  4. Where is everyone staying?

    Some people are getting hotel rooms and some are getting Airbnbs. If you can get a hotel near the arboretum, it will be much easier for getting back and forth (especially for those who will be drinking alcohol). Other options include the Crabtree Mall and North Hills area which are a 10-15 minutes north of the venue.
  5. Are food allergies accounted for?

    Yes! Most if not all of the food will be gluten and or dairy free, including the wedding cake. If you have further dietary restrictions, please contact us.
  6. I heard a rumor that alcohol will only be served at certain times, is that true?

    Yes, the arboretum has a policy where events can only serve alcohol for 2 hours total. We are allowed to split that time up though, and will have blocks of time where the bar is open and closed. We will make sure everyone is fully aware of when serving times start and end.
  7. Is there a gift registry?

    No, not yet.
  8. Are Invites/RSVPs being sent out?

    Yes, at some point closer to the date of the wedding so that we can get an accurate headcount for all of the vendors.