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build one doc page

(ansible-dev) [mdavis@mdavis-t460p ansible]$ cd docs/docsite/
(ansible-dev) [mdavis@mdavis-t460p docsite]$ make htmlsingle rst=intro_windows.rst
sphinx-build -j 8 -b html -d _build/doctrees ./rst _build/html rst/intro_windows.rst
Running Sphinx v1.6.2
build succeeded, 21 warnings.
Output is in _build/html/intro_windows.rst

Where do I get a tower license

How do I rebase and fix merge conflicts on some else's PR

DO NOT FIX MERGE CONFLICTS IN THE GITHUB UI!!! It creates a merge commit and we should not accept those.

  1. git clone<you>/ansible
  2. git checkout -b REBASE_<PR#>
  3. git remote add <user> <user fork url>
  4. git pull <user> <PR branch>
  5. fix conflicts
  6. git add
  7. git commit
  8. rebase --continue
  9. git push origin REBASE_<PR#>
  10. create a pullrequest

How do I get a remote shell on one of the shippable test instances?

ansible-test shell --remote rhel/7.4 -v

what is the difference between the 'defaults' and 'vars' directories in a role?

8:43 AM <adhawkins> Andy Hawkins I was thinking that 'defaults' is for variables that you expect the user of the role to override, whereeas 'vars' is for variables that are used internally in the role but not really expected to be changed.
8:58 AM <smacz[m]>  I've always seen `vars/` used for OS-specific vars, while `defaults/` typically holds most of the role vars.
9:02 AM <agaffney>  vars/ is used for OS-specific vars, because you can conditionally include things from vars/, but not from defaults/ (at least at the proper precedence level)