Ansible Windows Filament

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This document is geared towards Ansible developers and users who are debugging or testing Windows.


  1. vagrant
  2. virtualbox
  3. ansible

Initial Setup

  1. install ansible
  2. pip install git+
  3. git clone
  4. cd ansible-windows/vagrant
  5. edit the inventory.yml file and comment out all "domain_children" hosts except for the "SERVER2016" host.
  7. vagrant up

Once the boxes are downloaded and provisioned, a connection test should fire off in one of the tasks. If you notice it hanging, login to each of the VMs and run this command in an administrator powershell: `Reset-WinRMConfig`

  1. ansible SERVER2016 -vvvvv -i inventory.yml -m win_ping

Switching to kerberos [mac]

  1. pip install pywinrm[kerberos]
  2. pip install pexpect
  3. echo "nameserver" > /etc/resolver/domain.local
  4. set "ansible_winrm_transport" to "kerberos" in inventory.yml
  5. set "ansible_user" to "vagrant-domain@DOMAIN.LOCAL" in inventory.yml
  6. set "ansible_password" to "VagrantPass1" in inventory.yml
  7. export KRB5_TRACE=/dev/stdout
  8. ansible SERVER2016 -vvvvv -i inventory.yml -m win_ping